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20+ examples of EU cookie law 'compliance'

Create: 01/23/2018

When the EU e-Privacy Directive was first announced, it was thought that the internet would collapse as we were hit with a wall of pop-ups asking for cookie consent.

We were told that users would opt-out of cookies in droves, making it impossible for websites to measure traffic, target users with offers or advertising.

But, thankfully, the Information Commissioners Office has adopted a relatively laissez faire attitude to enforcement, and is instead allowing the industry to work out the best way to inform consumers of the use of cookies. Or it hasn't a clue, depending on your point of view. 

As a result, most sites have gone down the ‘implied consent’ road and have simply made their cookie policy more prominent rather than explicitly asking for users to accept cookies.

Those that do explicitly inform users that the site uses cookies generally don’t give an option to opt-out, but instead direct people to change the settings in their browser.

We’ve already examined the BBC and The Daily Mirror’s approach to cookie compliance, and here are 20 more examples from a range of sites.

Most are providing clear(ish) information about the fact that cookies are used on site, though some have gone further than others to ensure that cookies messages are visible to visitors.

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