How to Install mcrypt PHP extension on CentOS Virtualmin

Create: 05/28/2017

The default installation of virutalmin doesn’t come with additional PHP extensions which some php scripts may need, you have to manually install each php extension compare with easyapache from cPanel which you can install all at once.

Add centOS repo

For CentOS 5

rpm -Uvh

For CentOS 6

How To Install and Utilize VirtualMin on a VPS

Create: 05/27/2017

About Virtualmin

Virtualmin is a Webmin module which allows for extensive management of (multiple) virtual private servers. You will be able to manage Apache, Nginx, PHP, DNS, MySQL, PostgreSQL, mailboxes, FTP, SSH, SSL, Subversion/Git repositories and many more.

In this tutorial, we will be installing the GPL (free) edition of Virtualmin on a freshly created VPS (droplet).

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